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Vanessa Graf (she/her) is a writer and researcher at the → Critical Media Lab Basel, where she is working on her PhD project → Head in the Cloud as part of the → MAKE/SENSE graduate school at → FHNW Academy of Art and Design. She holds a Bachelor in Political Science from → SciencesPo Paris and a Master in Media and Culture Studies from → University of Art and Design Linz. Currently, she is supplementing her research with a Bachelor in Biology (ongoing) at → University of Salzburg.

In her research, she is interested in the interactions of (digital) technology with culture and ecology, in particular as mediated by narratives, metaphors, and sociotechnical imaginaries. Her practice-based research draws on approaches and sources from media theory/ecology, anthropology, art, literature, ecofeminism, and information technology. Her work has been exhibited on several occasions, such as at the → Ars Electronica Festival and → Biennale Warszawa, and she has received numerous prizes and scholarships for both her research, artistic work, and literature.

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Vanessa Graf (sie/ihr) ist Autorin und Forscherin am → Critical Media Lab Basel, wo sie im Rahmen der → MAKE/SENSE Graduate School an der → FHNW Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst an ihrem PhD-Projekt → Head in the Cloud arbeitet. Sie hat einen Bachelor in Politikwissenschaften von → SciencesPo Paris und einen Master in Medien- und Kulturtheorie von der → Kunstuni Linz. Derzeit ergänzt sie ihre Forschung mit einem Bachelor in Biologie (laufend) an der → Universität Salzburg.

In ihrer Forschung interessiert sie sich für die Wechselwirkungen von (digitaler) Technologie mit Kultur und Ökologie, insbesondere durch die Vermittlung durch Narrative, Metaphern und soziotechnische Imaginationen. Ihre praxisorientierte Forschung stützt sich auf Ansätze aus der Medientheorie und -Ökologie, Anthropologie, Kunst, Literatur, Ökofeminismus und Informationstechnologie. Ihre Arbeiten wurden mehrfach ausgestellt, u. a. beim → Ars Electronica Festival und der → Biennale Warszawa, und sie hat zahlreiche Preise und Stipendien für ihre Forschung, künstlerische und literarische Arbeit erhalten.

↓ talks and workshops

→ Talk: Islands in the Cloud: An Incomplete Guide to the Physical Internet in Poland, Symposium at the → Biennale Warszawa, June 24, 2022

→ Workshop: Head in the Cloud, Hands in the Dirt, Symposium → Teaching Artistic Strategies, May 23-26, 2022

→ Talk: Head in the Cloud: Tracing the Internet as Embodied Media in the Alps, Lecture at the → International Research Center for Cultural Studies, March 7, 2022

→ Talk: Using Speculative Fabulation to (Re)Imagine Digital Technology, Lecture at the → Terrain Lecture Series, November 8, 2021

→ Talk: Head in the Cloud: Using Speculative Fabulation To (Re)Imagine the Materiality of Digital Technology, Symposium at the → Masterclass Artistic Research in Film and Philosophy “Fabulation for Future”, September 17, 2021

→ Talk: Building the Symbiotic Net, → BestOFF Talks #5, February 24, 2021

↓ prizes and scholarships

→ 2022-25 SNF DOC.CH Research Grant

→ 2021-22 Junior Research Fellowship at IFK Vienna

→ 2021 Upper Austrian Talent Prize for Young Literature

→ 2020 National Parks Austria Media Scholarship

→ 2020 Fohn Stipendium

→ 2020 Advancement Award Literary Biennale FLORIANA

→ 2020 Advancement Award Rauris Days of Literature

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→say hello at either → vanessa (dot) graf (at) fhnw (dot) ch or → hallo (at) vanessagraf (dot) at

→ follow the struggle of posting anything to instagram with any semblance of regularity at → @grfvaness

→ enjoy on average one slightly nerdy and largely inconsequential tweet every four months → @grfvanessa