Vanessa Graf (she/her) is a writer and researcher at the → Critical Media Lab Basel, where she is working on her PhD project → Head in the Cloud as part of the → MAKE/SENSE graduate school at → FHNW Academy of Art and Design. In her work, she is interested in the interactions of (digital) technology with culture and ecology, in particular as mediated by narratives, metaphors, and sociotechnical imaginaries. Her practice-based research draws on approaches and sources from media theory/ecology, anthropology, art, literature, ecofeminism, and information technology. Her work has been exhibited on several occasions, such as at the → Ars Electronica Festival and → Biennale Warszawa, and she has received numerous prizes and scholarships for both her research, artistic work, and literature.

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English Cover of Material Internet Field Kit Warsaw

↑ Material Internet Field Kit: Warsaw

Cover of Die Rampe Magazine for Literature 01-2022

↑ Short Story Bad Verhaun in Die Rampe 01/2022