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Granite Granny

Ein Kartenspiel, in dem einfach alles daran gesetzt werden muss, Oma wiederaufzuwecken: die hat sich nämlich aufgrund ihres Supreme Chill einfach in einen Stein verwandelt.

Granite Granny

Game Design und -Gestaltung für ein Mini-Kartenspiel, das nur gewonnen werden kann, wenn sich die Mitspielenden erstens möglichst peinlich verhalten und zweitens: zusammenarbeiten. Das Gameplay wird wie folgt erklärt (Englisch):

So, here‘s the deal. You came home one day to find your grandmother turned into a rock. What the fuck? You‘re pretty sure it‘s her, and you‘re pretty sure that she zoned out while meditating and reached Nirvana or something. She‘s always been one chill motherfucker. Anyways, you kind of need her, so you gather your friends to find a way to wake her up again.

Your goal is to wake up grandmother. To do this, all players need to perform the same action, at the same time. The only problem is: there is only one person who knows the activity - the medium. The medium is very chill herself. Basically, if she were any more chill, she'd be sitting there with grandma, just rockin'.

BUT. (Ha!) There's a but. The medium is very mysterious. It adds to her whole spiel, or something. To get her to talk, you can use your acitivity cards and unlock answers to yes-or-no-questions. The activity cards are performative - be prepared to make a fool out of yourself to get the medium to freaking talk.

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